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Conflux Games is a one man game development studio, owned and operated by Gabe Kanzelmeyer. Gabe strives to create games with clear and simple mechanics while also exploring interesting thematic ideas and design goals. Gabe operates out of Reno, Nevada where he is also the organizer of the Reno Game Development Meetup.

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Triplicity is a minimal trading card game set in an unfolding world of puzzles. Explore a stylized world, solve puzzles and defeat foes!
*Currently under development*

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In Exilium is a 3D, "isometric" hack and slash RPG with an emphasis on minimalistic design and player discovery. It is a simple, exploration driven experience, comprised of action based combat, character attribute customization and random item generation to accommodate many diverse play styles. There are many enemies and bosses to defeat as well as plenty of puzzles to solve and secrets to explore. There is no hand-holding throughout the game, no other characters, no mindless quests, everything must be discovered by the player. If you like RPG's and have become disenchanted with typical large scale RPG design practices, In Exilium is for you.

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