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The Games' Lair 600+ Box combines the best of Gamegenic, a really smart all-in-one solution.

This innovative product satisfies even the most complex gaming needs. The Games' Lair 600+ can hold a variety of games, game accessories, miniatures and card games. AWESOME: The fully removable lid easily converts into a magnetic dice tray! Total versatility in a box so compact it even fits in most normal backpacks.

The Games' Lair 600+ offers space for up to 600 double-sleeved or 800 single-sleeved cards in the main compartment. When card storage is not the purpose, the acrylic divider can be removed to store any type of deck box, game or accessory.

The box contains a total of 4 drawers: 2 removable drawers with ingenious magnetic flaps that guarantee effortless extraction and easy access to sleeved cards or even entire decks; to the last card. There are also 2 extra large compartments for even more tokens, dice, accessories etc. The top compartment of the Games' Lair 600+ can be used for life counters, oversized cards, traditional pads, pen-and-paper accessories and many other things.

Featuring Gamegenic's highly rated CONVERTIBLE system, the removable lid attaches to the underside, saving valuable gaming table space when open. Strong magnets and the innovative locking mechanism ensure a secure closure, even if the box is turned upside down.