Basing Sets - Aquatic

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Aquatic Set

With this selection of materials and paints you will be able to replicate the typical effects of the aquatic areas of rivers and seas.

The different decorations that you can find in this basing set such as the vegetation and other aquatic animals included in this set will allow you to personalize your model or diorama, giving a touch of realism and originality to the scene. Perfect for beginners and hobbyists alike, these modelling and wargaming materials will help you bring your idea to life.


  • Clear Epoxy Resin 300 ml 
  • Basing Bark Chips
  • Dye for Resins BLUE
  • Dye for Resins GREEN
  • Aquatic resin pieces (corals and plants)
  • Resin pieces (aquatic animals)
  • Splash Gel - Water Effect
  • Sand Texture - BEACH SAND 30ml
  • Thin Hobby Sand - Natural
  • Water Foam Texture 30ml
  • Silicone Mixing Cups 100ml
  • Mixing Sticks