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Two iconic mutants join Marvel: Crisis Protocol in this new pack! With his mutant ability to teleport, Nightcrawler is able to land a decisive blow or help get his teammates out of the line of fire at the perfect moment. He is joined by Bishop, who wields advanced weaponry and his mutant ability to absorb and redirect energy in tandem. Together, they enhance any team, but especially the Uncanny X-Men and X-Force affiliations with their abilities and 3 Team Tactic cards.

Adds the characters Bishop & Nightcrawler to Marvel: Crisis Protocol
Both miniatures feature multiple assembly options
These characters enhance the Uncanny X-Men and X-Force affiliations
Includes 3 Team Tactic cards that give them even more options in battle

1 Bishop Miniature
1 Nightcrawler Miniature
2 Character Stat Cards
2 Bases
3 Team Tactic Cards