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Blood Rage

Coming from designing giant Eric Lang and CMON Blood Rage that’s place during Ragnarok as your vikings trying to secure as much glory as they can and secure a place at Odin’s side in Valhalla.

The game comes with beautiful miniatures that represent your clan on the board and the various monsters and creatures inhabiting the land. Gameplay is led by card drafting as players move through three ages (rounds). Cards will have a variety of effects including stats boosts, battle strategies, clan upgrades, access to those creatures mentioned earlier!

Cards will often be aligned with a norse god, giving clues about their use. These benefits are used in the area control portion of the game as you fight the other players for control of strategic areas of the board. Strength initially comes from the miniatures, but can be augmented by cards. This includes tricky cards that reward you for losing or punish your opponent for winning battles!

This means that you can engineer situations where you want to lose as your death will be rewarded with glory. All these elements combine to create an area control game that feels tense and exciting as you build towards the climax of Ragnarok. What makes this more so is the shrinking board as the effects of Ragnarok destroy regions one at a time. Of course you can use this to your advantage by leaving units in the doomed region to earn glory.

Dooming minis to Valhalla is not so bad though as they return to your player board at the end of the age. At the end of the game you will add glory earned through upgrades to your glory earned during the game. Blood rage plays up to four players but can be expanded up to five and other expansions add more elements into the game.

Player count: 2-4
Time: 60-90 minutes
Age rating: 14+