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Clank! In! Space! Is a self-contained follow-up to Renegade Game Studios’ smash-hit game, Clank!: A Deck-Building Adventure. On this occasion, rather than delving into a dragon’s lair, players are now tiptoeing around the evil Lord Eradikus Prime’s giant spaceship, which is full of precious loot! Designer Paul Dennen has built upon the same basic game system as Clank!, where two to four adventurers attempt to acquire and build their own individual deck of cards during the game - these cards enable them to move through Lord Eradikus’ spaceship, attack enemy guards and procure new cards, all while trying to creep around the ship and avoid any false steps that will result in… Clank! In a game of Clank! In! Space! you will attempt to gather up as much loot as you can, including an artefact from the ship’s Command module and then leg it to an escape pod, but in order to gain access to the Command module you will need to hack the spaceship’s computer by docking data cubes in two different areas of the ship. Players start with a deck of 10 starter cards and each turn you will draw five and play them in any order – these cards will generate three different resources including Skill (which is used to acquire new cards for your deck), Swords (to defeat the minions of Lord Eradikus) and Boots (to move). Cards in the deck include some very familiar (and funny) science fiction tropes and characters which can give you some special abilities, while the introduction of Factions means that with a carefully-built deck you can unlock some truly awesome skills and effects. During the game players will accumulate Clank from all the noise they are making when running around the ship. When doing so they will add their coloured Clank cubes to the Clank area and when Lord Eradikus attacks the Clank is put into a bag and damage is dealt for each cube drawn of a player’s colour. You can acquire credits along the way and use these to purchase exciting items in the market such as a master key (to access locked areas of the ship) and a TelePass (which allows you to use Telepads to move quickly through the ship). The modular board includes some double-sided tiles so you can configure the ship in a multitude of different ways so it never gets stale, and you can also download the free Renegade Game Studios app to play a campaign, which also includes a solo adventure mode. This game is always a blast, especially when players start escaping or are knocked out, forcing the game to accelerate to its inevitable noisy climax! “In space, EVERYONE can hear you Clank!” Player Count: 2-4 Time: 60 Minutes Age: 13+