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Grand Archive is an anime trading card game with western game design and extreme collectability!

The first anime card game that embraces card interface clarity, low stat numbers, and easily understood rules text. Developed by a team of designers laser focused on game balance and longevity.

Located in a heavenly realm called the Home World, the gods monitor the lesser worlds via the Grand Archive. When a catastrophe is imminent in one of these worlds, champions are sent to repel it.

Champions come in many flavors, each having their own unique playstyle. Class cards can be played regardless of your champion’s class, but they are more powerful if the class matches with your champion!

Each Starter Deck contains a reconstructed 60-card main deck and 12-card material deck.

Assassin Class Starter Pack contains three predetermined Assassin cards unique to this product.

Starter Decks have a chance at a randomly inserted CSR card.