Basing Sets - Swamp

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Swamp Set

With this selection of materials and paints, you can create wet mudflats or humid environments, replicating the typical effects of swampy areas.

The different decorative UV water, vegetation, moss, and other swamp animals included in this set will allow you to customize your scale model or diorama, giving a touch of realism and originality to the scene. Perfect for beginners and hobbyists alike, these modeling and wargaming materials will help you bring your vision to life.


  • Ultraviolet Resin 17ml - Water Effect
  • Mud Textures - SWAMP MUD 30ml
  • Mud Textures - DARK BROWN MUD 30ml
  • Pigment WILD MOSS
  • Paper Plants - Bracken Ferns
  • Pigment MIDDLE EARTH
  • Islandmoss - Green Mix (25-30g)
  • Ultraviolet Torch
  • Grass TUFTS XXL - 22mm self-adhesive - DARK GREEN
  • Grass TUFTS - 12mm self-adhesive - DRY GREEN
  • Resin pieces: Frogs and Fishes
  • Small tree bark (15-20g)