Kimera Kolors - Signature Set: Cartacci

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Today we are answering this question through these sets created hand in hand with the artists that signed them. Through these complex blends you can recreate the work of these masters and you can use them in conjunction with the KIMERA KOLORS PURE PIGMENTS line. Because if it is true that we certainly cannot give you their “hands”, we can give you their “tools” and their “instructions”!

The SIGNATURE Line consists of sets of 6 paints, held together by the artistic choices of the author; whether they are thematic sets, dedicated to a single pictorial topic, or real toolboxes of the artist’s style. They represent the first step to understand their pictorial world and to help you reproduce it, draw inspiration from it and evolve yours. Inside the box there will also be a leaflet with the explanation on how to use the set directly from the hands of the creator.



  • Cartacci Red
  • Caucasian Skintone
  • Golden Brown
  • Kiwi Brown
  • Samurai Green
  • Silver Grey