Minas Tirith Battlehost

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There’s never been a better time for a foray into the world of Middle-earth Strategy Battle Game, with the loaded Lord of the Rings Battle of Osgiliath boxed set on the horizon, alongside a range of four Battlehosts.


Sally forth from the White City alongside Gandalf the White and Peregrin ‘Pippin’ Took as they command the forces of Minas Tirith. This epic box contains 33 plastic Citadel miniatures with two versions of Gandalf the White (mounted and on foot), Peregrin Took, 24 Warriors of Minas Tirith, and six Knights of Minas Tirith.

Trained to wield a variety of weapons, from the humble sword or bow, to the deadly knight’s lance, these valiant fighters defend the White City against the legions of Mordor. Resolute Warriors support the tall and stern Knights who are the pride of Gondor’s armies.