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EXPAND YOUR GALACTIC BATTLES: Add a thrilling Clone Wars-era dimension to your Star Wars: Shatterpoint game with the "That's Good Business" Squad Pack.

LEGENDARY PIRATE FIGURE: Lead your squad with Hondo Ohnaka, the charismatic pirate captain, as a new Primary Unit, bringing unique strategies and tactics.

ENHANCED TEAM PLAY: Includes Hondo's right-hand, Gwarm, as a Secondary Unit, and two Weequay Pirates as Supporting Units for dynamic gameplay.

COMPLETE GAME PACK: Comes with 4 detailed character miniatures, 3 Unit Stat Cards, 3 Unit Order Cards, and 3 Unit Stance Cards for an immersive experience.

UNLOCK NEW STRATEGIES: This pack not only adds new characters but also opens up a myriad of squad building options for varied and exciting gameplay.